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Weeding Tips
Since all vinyl does not weed the same, below are some weeding tips.

Direction. It is usually best to weed from right to left. The reason for this is
the way the characters of the English alphabet lay.

Do a little shaking. When pulling up the vinyl, the adhesive can re-attach
itself. Shaking the vinyl as you pull it up will sometimes break this.

Do not rip weed. This is where you pull the vinyl up very quickly hoping
that it will break the vinyl away and leave the graphics. This is good for
demonstration purposes but not for true application.

You can also super weed inside Winpcsign

Weeding small characters (1/4" or less) is sometimes difficult. Below are
instructions offered on the Signweb TM that we can share with you:
1. Cut your lettering in the normal manner.
2. Weed out all the centers of the ps, os, etc., and score lines between the copy
or the graphics.
3. Cut unnecessary material away around the entire piece.
4. Apply the application tape.
5. Trim leaving approximately 1 inch of margin beyond the vinyl.
Tip: If you are applying the vinyl to a hard surface such as a window, some
of our customers will apply the vinyl to the window and weed off the window.
This may save some time.
6. Turn the piece face down and anchor the piece with tape around the perimeter.
7. After removing the backing sheet, pull the unwanted vinyl surrounding the
letters away from the transfer tape.
Since the adhesion of the vinyl to the transfer tape is greater than that of the
vinyl to its backing, the separation of unwanted vinyl will be accomplished
more easily.
8. Place the backing sheet back on the piece of transfer tape and the weeded
vinyl graphics.
9. Release the piece from the work surface and apply.
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