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Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:32 pm Reply with quote
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i cannot run your wincpcsign pro 2007 on my pcut cr630 usb only cutter, i need a virtual port in order to get it running like flexi starter and artcut 2009 software..please incorporate a code in the winpcsign pro 2007 software and include a "virtual port" on model pcut cr 630 usb only .i appreciate your reply..i run artcut 2009, flexi starter software without any problem in configuration to my pcut cr 630 usb cutter, please incorporate a code DLL function on you plotter/cutter codes for pcut creation cr630 model cutter ,please reprogram the cutter/plotter codes for pcut cr630 usb model cutter

Some Pcuts now use PcutUSB.dll which sends data directly via usb.
There is no com port involved.
But it means that software ( signlab/flexi/corel) needs to load and use the functions in this DLL to send data to the cutter.

Knowledgable person there explains the differance between the 2 types of CR630 machines.
There is also a dealer of CR630 machines in the UK there who seems willing to help but maybe only if you purchased it from him.

There are FTD based CR630 and there are Non FTD based CR 630s

If you have the non ftd based machine, then only those Signmaking software companies who recieved the PCutLib software developer kit and wrote code to use PCutLib.dll can talk to the machine
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Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:35 pm Reply with quote
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We are testing this cuter.
here is a link to download a demo of Basic 2012:
If the driver is ok, the demo will cut the word DEMO.

You need to select the plotter from WinPCSIGN plotter codes:
Plotter: Pcut CR630 USB
Baud Rate 38400
Port USB (You need FTDI driver)
Com port (1,2,3,,,,7)

Ivan Polanco, Sales manager/Support
Signmax.us Profesionnal signmaking ressources
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